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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Dolphin Browser APK for Android HD free download

Dolphin browser apk gives users first browser in the world that uses action and voice management on mobile (Sonar). A quick and efficient, you can give Dolphin know how you want to surf the web. Open your favorite web sites with just a single touch, the Dolphin Browser for Android know where you want to go or create a signature with gesture. With over 80 million downloads and this number is increasing every day, Dolphin is one of the best free Android Browser present.

Key Features:

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Dolphin Action 

Dolphin Android Gesture help navigating while surfing a web page on the phone becomes easier. Open any of your favorite websites with just a few times to touch.

Dolphin Browser APK for Android HD free download 3

Now it's time to say goodbye to the type in the address and Dolphin Android Gesture change the way you interact with your phone or tablet. You can visit any site as by drawing a heart shape. Roll up and roll down through the draw arrows or create your own gestures with the character.

Dolphin Sonar: Voice Management

Dolphin programmers are proud to introduce the most advanced features for web browsing: voice management on Android. The latest feature of the application, Dolphin Sonar, allows you to search, share and navigate by shaking the phone and commanding Dolphin what to do. Please follow the bellows steps:
  • Search: Just tell the Browser what you want to search.
  • Share: Just tell "share" to share.
  • Navigate: Just call up the browser functions such as "new tab" or the name of a website such as "BBC".
Dolphin Browser APK for Android HD free download 2

    Quick Share:

    Right in Dolphin, you can tweet the websites and upload them on Facebook, share them via email or send them to your friends  quickly via wireless network ̣(Wifi).
    • Facebook: Share a web page and instantly tag your friends
    • Twitter: Tweet 1 site and tag friends.
    • Email: Send the link and title to any email address.
    • Wifi Broadcast: Share with your friends by sending them a web site via Wifi.
    Dolphin Browser APK for Android HD free download 1


      You can easily collect information while browsing with Dolphin and save them directly to Evernote or Box app. Quickly retrieve articles, researches, travel deals and other information.
      • Evernote (Beta): Compact the website and add your own title, tag, comment and arrange them neatly.
      • Box: Save the website address in a Box account, similar to the format of a PDF file.

      Dolphin Connect:

      Sync and transfer from mobile to PC: Dolphin understands when you stop and continue the work. So you don't to worry anymore. 
       Dolphin Browser APK for Android HD free download 5

      Send to Device:

      Send URLs, phone numbers, directions, or pictures between the computer and the mobile devices via extensions for Chrome / Firefox / Safari.


      • Synchronization mobile with computers: Use extended utilities to synchronize the tabs and bookmark .
      • Sync a mobile with a mobile device: Sync bookmarks, tabs, history, passwords from one device to the other.

      User Agent: 

      Switching between PC and mobile device on-demand with Dolphin Android User Agent. View the mobile mode so that you can obtain information or understand full functions of a desktop computer. Users can also switch between the structure of the target page to the pages on Android, iPhone, iPad.


      Strengthening Dolphin by installing your favorite add-ons. With more than 50 Android Add-ons, you can install them to perform tasks more quickly and easily. The number of add-ons is even greater. Forgot your password? Password Manager can help you. You want a new interface for your Dolphin Browser? Please download Shiny Shake for color changing. You want to read a webpage in French? Let's use Dolphin Translate.
      Dolphin Browser APK for Android HD free download 6


      Dolphin provides users a better web surfing experience with Multi-Touch Zoom. Do you feel difficult to read web pages in the desktop mode? Dolphin Multi-Touch Zoom will solve your problem. Hold your fingers on the screen and make the text bigger or smaller. Touch 2 times the required area to zoom in or zoom out. Dolphin will automatically adjust the font size and the screen.

      Browsing by tag: 

      The tags will facilitate easy web browse with the mobile device as with surfing with a computer. Add the tags on the phone screen and manage them through windows or tag formats. You don't need to leave the page you are reading to open another page, because Dolphin helps multi-tasking much more easily.


      Take full advantage of the mobile device interface via Dolphin SideBar. With Dolphin, you can swipe to the SideBar on the right and the sidebar to the left sidebar to quickly activate the auxiliary features. Swipe to the left to switch into the full screen mode or use favorite add-ons. Swipe to the right to browse the bookmarks and folders.

      Bellows are some useful features users can add to their Dolphin Mobile Browser:

      • Dolphin Webzine
      • Box for Dolphin
      • Dolphin YouTube Search
      • Dolphin eBay Search
      • Dolphin Alexa Rank
      • Web to PDF
      • Dolphin Brightness
      • Dolphin Password Manager Lite
      • Password Manager Pro
      • Lastpass for Dolphin Browser
      • Xmarks for Dolphin
      • Dolphin Reader
      • RSS
      • Dolphin Screen Cut
      • Bookmarks Widget
      • Dolphin Desktop Toggle

      Download Dolphin Browser HD APK for Android

      Dolphin Browser APK for Android HD free download 4
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      Dolphin Browser APK for Android HD free download 8


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