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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Flappy Bird Apk for Android free download

Game Flappy Bird APK for Android is at the center of all attention at Vietnam as well as World Technological in recent times. The title waving the birds gameplay extremely simple but highly specific competitive multiplayer together. Even had heartbreaking case occurs, when his brother killed his brother because of the "competition" in this free games for android.

Despite appearing in only a very short time but Flappy Bird really has caused a craze among the young is not small, more especially when the game developer who is an expert in Vietnam, Nguyen Ha Dong. This craze not only in Vietnam but also spread worldwide to climb to the top of the two largest app store is now Apple App Store and Google Play.

With gameplay and simple configuration can not more, players simply touch the screen to control the bird through the pipe to score. It is difficult to touch how not too strong and not too fast to bird avoid hitting the tube. This is the key point for making game Flappy  Bird became extremely attractive but easy to cause inhibit the most.
A walk through Facebook can easily see the pictures of flappy Bird photographed from the screen of the phone and the score of teen showing comment straw with friends tingling everywhere. Most felt Flappy Bird play both easy and difficult, difficult to resist and easy crazy. Especially comments like: "Just wanted to throw the phone against the wall" or "always want to eat broken screen"... Read also see everywhere.
In a message posted at 2 am on 9/2 on Twitter, Ha Dong Nguyen said he will remove the game from the Android and iOS app stores from 10/2.

Now you can download  game Flappy Bird Apk for Android free here to experience:

Have fun !


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