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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Candy Crush Saga apk for android cheat free download

Candy Crush Saga apk for android is one of the best free game for Android on 2013, candy craze of the year with more 100.000.000 - 500.000.000 download from users. Candy Rush Saga android has just launched but already numerous players responded. We can say, Candy Rush Saga has overshadowed all Diamond series launched earlier ( as Bejeweled 2 apk).

Candy Crush Saga apk for android cheat free download

At first glance, you'll see this game nothing too unfamiliar with the series Diamonds. Right from the beginning of the game, you have to understand how to play them. However there is a small difference: in addition to achieving high scores to go to the next request, you need to break the class white line wrapped outer layers of the candy or the chocolate in the way ... Having played more than 100 levels, each game will be a challenge for you.

Also you can connect with friends via Facebook to share your scores.

Why is the game "Candy Crush Saga" success and attracted many players?

Most of these games can entertain good balance between the two factors and the skills to complete a fortunate certain milestones. If only skill required is not going too easy or too difficult for some people. The truth is that the candy arranged randomly affected to complete level. However, the best way to learn skills such as how work is competing with friends at a certain level such as level 26. It will become evidence to prove your skills improve and increase the score looks like.

The best tips to help overcome the level of Candy Crush Saga

  • Grasp terrain
    Before the game begins. you should look closely topography of the game you play. if you feel this game placement of the little candy combo. hard to get good grades or completing tasks assigned. or you get into the game and as the game will only lives when you have to move at least one turn.
  • Over time remaining level with the least possible
    When you are about to complete the game. but pretty much turn to move. then you should go out there and make some plays to complete the task. so you will get a higher score. So when you finish that many moves. some moves that will turn into candy striped jelly fish or fish to add to your point. if there are too many candy striped jelly fish and they will be effective overlap together and not create a lot of high scores.
  • To master the move
    Many tables have little move that required to complete the task quite difficult. so you have to calculate how logical move to create the combo of candy. The more combos you score higher. and more likely to complete the task.
  • Do not follow the hints
    The hint will be displayed if you do not occasionally move one piece of candy. but it is completely random and not the best move. So much for following the suggestion might break the candy can create combos or tasks can finish the game.
  • Do not rush to get their lives are gifts from friends
    Candy is highly interactive. so you can send to friends as free gifts or move +3 life. But Candy store only up to 5 life so when you are getting your network from your donation be drilled agree that getting off of that book away. When the game if you lose a life, please click on the icon batteries while playing online to get more from their peers.
  • Send your many gifts and invite more players
    Each day Candy will allow you to send 1 gift certain amount for your friends. gift includes extra move (move +3) and one life. so make sure you send gift for your friends daily. you will surely be they send back. The more you play. the more you have, the gift. the easier for you to conquer Candy Crush.
  • Delay time to have 5 lives
    After the network. you can adjust the time on your phone or iPad for quick time. then resume the game. This bug can say is 1 of the game but I do not much favor because waiting is nonetheless one of the game interesting.
  • Use the appropriate item support
    Through each chapter is one new challenge and will have more items for your support through this chapter. Candy will usually give you 3 items to try it. use it as only one step is to complete the task but you did not have enough to finish the moves. Also you can buy items in the shop of Candy.
Just remember this is you will be easier for the public to explore the world of Candy Crush candy then. wish you have moments of fun in Candy Crush Saga. Have fun !

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