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Friday, January 17, 2014

BBM Apk for Android and iOS free download (full data)

BBM Apk for Android and iOS free download

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BBM Apk free download
BBM Android (BlackBerry Messenger Android) is one of the best free Messaging Service that has long been considered a specialty of the BlackBerry smartphone, the BlackBerry is now officially set foot on the Android and iOS platforms.
It is considered one of the BlackBerry's push to compete with the free messaging service via Internet as Viber or WhatsApp... See more free games and apps for android on my blog.

Information about BBM Apk messaging service set foot on Android and iOS platform has been CEO Thorsten Heins of BlackBerry announced since last May and is expected to release this summer.

However, after much delay, up to now, popular messaging service BBM had available on Android and iOS.
Version of BBM for Android and iOS marks the first appearance of external BBM BlackBerry devices. Previously BBM app which is considered a weapon to increase the competitiveness of BlackBerry products.

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BBM app officially available on Android

Currently BBM app for Android and iOS also offers many useful features like application on BlackBerry devices, such as displays status messages sent or read, BBM is always in a state of open soon even if the user does not activate the application, file sharing, voice messaging ... besides BBM chat group supports a maximum of up to 30 people at a time.

In the future, the BlackBerry will soon be equipped with features video calling and screen sharing app BBM devices on Android and iOS.

With the launch of BBM app for Android and iOS, BlackBerry has accepted to give exclusive weapon in return for their increased number of people using its BBM service.

Current BBM is still a much loved applications worldwide despite the fact that BlackBerry products are increasingly losing their names that Canadian phone companies are increasingly in crisis.

Download BBM Apk for Android free

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