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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 can issued on 02-23-2014 at the exhibition Mobile World Congress

Samsung Galaxy S5 can issued on 02-23-2014

Eldar Murtazin, who often shared rumors fairly accurate about products not yet released, confirms new blockbuster smartphone of Samsung Galaxy S5 will be introduced at 18h on 02-23-2014 at Barcelona, Spain.

Samsung Galaxy S5 can issued on 23/2 at the exhibition Mobile World Congress

Currently there are a lot of information about the location and time announced Samsung Galaxy S5, as the end of February at Mobile World Congress exhibition (as Samsung Galaxy S2) or end of March in London (like the Samsung Galaxy S3) or New York (as Samsung Galaxy S4).

Murtazin is the first accurate prediction of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is dated 14/03/2013 appeared in New York, so this information spread on Twitter by blogger is very interesting.

In addition to time, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is said to have a fixed price, new TouchWiz interface and high configuration as shared Information sources recently (Screen: 2K, Chip: 64bit, RAM: 3GB, Camera: 16 megapixel, which two versions of the shell using plastic and metal shell).

On the same day, Murtazin also said that the iPhone 6 will be announced early approximately 6/2014, ie the life cycle of new products launched by Apple will be shortened to 9 months instead of one year as before.


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