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Monday, January 20, 2014

Apple unveiled Ipad Air and iPad mini with Retina display

The launching ceremony started at 10.00 am, San Francisco local time in the US. Unlike the ceremony revealing iPhone 5S and 5C, today Apple showed users a live video clip at its projection room, but only for Apple products.
Apple unveiled Ipad Air and iPad mini with Retina display 02

The event began with Apple's very implicative words of introduction: "We are perfect. We once again fathered everything".

Apple unveiled Ipad Air and iPad mini with Retina display 03

CEO Tim Cook reported the sales of 9 million iPhone 5S and 5C units in the first week.  Also within only 5 days after Apple's allowing of iOS 7 download, this OS has been installed in 200 million devices. About two-thirds of the devices are now running this OS. Other notable figures are: the App Store has more than 1 million applications and more than 60 billion downloads. Apple has paid out USD 13 billion to developers of the applications.

The Director of Apple "mocked" the firms who previously failed with netbook and are now pursuing a hybrid between a tablet and a laptop and desktop. Mac X Mavericks Operating System may be the key to Apple's making a difference today when the mobile device are enthroned. The OS X 10.9 has a new feature: Compressed Memory which compresses the inactive parts of the memory and 6 GB of data can be compressed into 4 GB of RAM. The new operating system can adjust the memory allocation more or less for the GPU for improved graphics performance when necessary (this post translated from free games for android blog).

Apple unveiled Ipad Air and iPad mini with Retina display 04

OS X Mavericks has also upgraded with the ability to work with multiple monitors, as well as new map and new IBooks applications. iMessage, Notification of new messages is also added with handy quick reply.

Mavericks's Maps apps share many similarities in the iOS operating system. It has the ability to directly share directions to the iPhone through iCloud on the locked screen.

Apple unveiled Ipad Air and iPad mini with Retina display 05

Mavericks OS X 10.9 will be available for free download as from today.

Apple introduced MacBook Pro 13 inch and MacBook Pro 15 inch with Retina display, thinner and lighter. The MacBook Pro 13 inch Retina display weighs 1.56 kg (the former version 1.63 kg), priced from $1,299 ($200 cheaper than the old version). The starting configuration includes an Intel Core i5 Haswell platform, 4 GB RAM, Intel integrated Iris Pro graphics chip 128 GB SSD, Wi-Fi with new ac standard. The battery life of the device is raised to 9 hours of continuous video playback.

The MacBook Pro 15 inch Retina display is also cheaper, from $1,999 (the old version from $2,199). Configuration includes an Intel Core i7 Haswell platform, speed 2 GHz, 8 GB RAM, Intel Iris Pro graphics chip (or optional NVIDIA GeForce 750M graphics card), 256 GB SSD, Wi-Fi with new ac Standard. The battery of the device is 8 hours.

Apple unveiled Ipad Air and iPad mini with Retina display 06

Apple announced the Mac Pro configuration: maximum options up to Intel Xeon E5 with 12 cores, RAM 1866MHz DDR3 ECC memory and two AMD FirePro graphics cards, solid state drives to 1 TB, equipped with Thunderbolt 2 , supported with 3 4K monitors with a 1.4 HDMI port with a 4K TV. The machine is manufactured in the USA by 2,000 people from 20 countries.

The lowest price is from $2999 for the machine with Xeon quad-core 3.7 GHz chip , 12 GB RAM, two D300S FirePro cards and 256 GB SSD driver. The product is available from December 2013.

Apple unveiled Ipad Air and iPad mini with Retina display 07

iMovies, iPhoto are redesigned to take advantage of the faster processing of the 64-bit chip and the similarities to OS X. The same software is also changed in the operating system for the MacBook. These applications in the iLife, free for users of Apple devices.

The IWorks software suite is also redesigned only for Mac, making compatible between versions for the web, iOS and OS X. The Product is also free for iOS or Mac users.

Apple unveiled Ipad Air and iPad mini with Retina display 08

CEO Tim Cook was back to the stage and started talking about the iPad. 170 million iPads have been sold worldwide, with some 475,000 applications. The Ipad now takes up to 81% of the market share, more than 4 times the share of all other brands. After more than 3 years, this product has asserted its position and overcome all initial suspicion of it not being able to compete with netbooks - the "now dead" product line.
Apple unveiled Ipad Air and iPad mini with Retina display 09

The 5th generation iPad was launched under the name iPad Air It is 7.5 mm thin (down 20% compared to the previous generation). It weighs only 453 grams compared to the previous version with 680 grams. The bezel  is also slimmer, similar to the  iPad Mini design. The Screen keeps the same size 9.7 inches.

Apple unveiled Ipad Air and iPad mini with Retina display 10

Ipad Air has A7 chip with 64-bit icloud, 8 times faster performance, graphics performance 72 times, 2 times faster file opening. Wi-Fi is the n standard, but is 2 times faster than the old version. ISight Camera 5 mega pixel resolution, front camera Full HD recording. Supported with two microphones. Battery life: 10 hours. The product is available in two colors black and silver gray, no yellow as rumors spread.

Apple unveiled Ipad Air and iPad mini with Retina display 11

IPad Air is priced from 499 USD for 16 GB version and 629 USD for the additional 4G connectivity. Apple still sells iPad 2, from 399 USD.

 Apple unveiled Ipad Air and iPad mini with Retina display 12

New version of 2nd Generation iPad Mini was also released with Retina screen resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels, similar sizes with 9.7'' Ipads. Its A7 chip is also 4 times faster and graphics performance 8 times faster, 10-hour battery life, Wi-Fi still n standard but 2 times faster, the same 5 mega pixel camera like iPad Air. It is available in two colors silver and black.

The iPad Mini of 1st generation sells from 299 USD while the 2nd generation one sells at 399 USD for Wifi version and 529 USD for the 4G Version. A Smart Cover with new colors sells for $ 39 each, and the full leather cover sells for USD 79.

At the end of the event Tim Cook said: "These great products are great examples of innovation that only Apple can provide". He stressed: "their companies will be very proud to have just one of them".


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