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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Talking Ginger 2 apk for Android full free download

Talking Ginger 2 apk for Android full free download

Talking Ginger 2 Apk for Android is one of the best free game for android in this year with more 10 milion downloads on android devices, it is a next game in the chain game cat of Outfit7 (as Talking Tom 2 apk or Talking Pierre the Parrot apk). The main character in the game, Ginger cat, similar to the famous brother Tom also its ability to mimic the voice of the player, of course, the sound will be distorted according to the voice of Ginger cat, not Tom.

The context of Talking Ginger 2 Apk is a birthday of Ginger. This is an occasion marked the maturation of this lovely yellow cat at the same time is a good time to organize birthday party extravaganza for it.

One of the remarkable Talking Ginger 2 Android is a great quality graphics in games. Besides forming extremely adorable Ginger cat is the dynamic graphic elements such as the gesture of a cat eating, going to be a laugh are very vivid and realistic. It would not be exaggeration to say that raising Ginger will give players the fun does not lose anything when owning a pet in real life.

What's new in game Talking Ginger 2 apk for Android:

Talk to Ginger Cat:

This yellow cat and the ability to listen parody exact words of the play, from the sound normal to talk laughter or screams. Of course, this all sounds are distorted to hear that same cat Ginger himself saying the sentence. Ginger cat's voice is a parody of good factor to help bring laughter to so many people play Talking Ginger 2 for Android.

Playing with Ginger:

You can use your finger and rub on the Android device screen to tickle, stroking or babble pet Ginger cat, and yellow cat will show the corresponding emotion adorable way.

For Ginger eat:

Players are able to eat the snacks Ginger or touch the button Meal time to cats to eat the meal of the day. You may find interesting to Ginger seemed a few favorite dishes and vice versa, cats also seemed fussy when fed the wrong items. Even Ginger can also be the ideal companion for your little anorexic. Because seeing pictures of appetizing food Ginger your child will not be bored anymore. 

Talking Ginger Cat 2 apk free download

Video recording for Ginger cat:

Players can complete the video recording of Ginger fun activities and share that video with their friends.

Organizing a birthday party for Ginger Cat:

An indispensable in any birthday party is the birthday cake. You can help plug the birthday candles for Ginger, let him welcome his new age by blowing off all the candles on it. Moreover, in Talking Ginger 2 Android free download, yellow cat knew blowing the trumpet birthday anymore. 

Organizing a birthday party for Ginger Cat 2

Play mini games within 2 Ginger:

Besides playing with Ginger, players can also entertained by the mini games in the Talking Ginger 2 Android. For example, you can rearrange the pieces to have a complete picture or you can competition blow out the candles before time runs out.

Play Talking Ginger 2 for Android and get exciting gifts:

If you play this game every day, players will have the opportunity to rotate the rotation lucky to be donated snacks for Ginger.

Unlock exciting bonus:

More and deeper into the game, you will have the opportunity to unlock more than 50 different puzzles.

Game Talking Ginger 2 updated:

  • Video library redesigned: player can see video more easy and convenient.
  • Adding 5 new puzzles: unlocking this puzzle to know more about kite flying trip of 2 cats Ginger and Tom.
  • Add new foods: Ginger can enjoy extra 5 new dishes.

Now you can download Talking Ginger 2 Apk for Android free (APK + Data):

Download Talking Ginger 2 apk android on Google Play

File size: Varies with device
Requirements: Android 2.3.3 and up


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