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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Drag Racing APK for Android Full 3D free download

Drag Racing APK for Android Full 3D free download

Drag Racing APK  for Android is a famous racing game genre that whole world favorites as NFS Most Wanted Apk, Alphalt 8 android, NFS Shift Apk,... Download Drag Racing for Android and play it here to experience the horrors race.

Drag Racing APK for Android Full 3D free download
Drag Racing Android
Coming to Drag Racing Game you will join the speed race with more than 50 licensed race cars, from the muscle warriors of the American and super cars with 1000 horsepower. In the game, you have to shop for your car, install a few upgrades and showcase your skills in a few race tracks. In addition, players can also challenge your talents with millions of other online players: One fighting One, drive your opponent's car, or participate in the Pro League Award with 10 other players.

What's new in Drag Racing game for Adroid:

There are many types of cars

You want to choose the Skyline GTR, 69 'Mustang classic or new BMW M3 shipped with your companion? You want to test out speed of the 1000 horsepower race cars on the track? This game has all kinds of race cars to satisfy players.

Download Drag Racing Apk Android Full 3D free

The race track is not limited

You think it's easy when racing on the race track straight? So let's test the steering wheel on the the race track in this game. Trying to find the balance between speed and road grip while riding. Try using nitrous oxide (N2O - medical gases) to have more enjoyable experience. Challenge talents to create his own world record or win 10 consecutive races. Are you ready?

Compete against many players

If you racing alone seems a bit boring, but when battling others are much bigger challenge. Try to confront your friends or other random riders, beat them on the track or attend online racing with 9 other players. Participate in a team with which to exchange experiences, and share tactical moments sweet victory.

drag racing android apk free download

Drag Racing Game for Android free download

Drag Racing game Tips

Update the game:

  • Car racing and the money saved on the device. Never uninstall the game before updating. Doing so will cause you to lose possessions in the game.

On track:

  • Ready racing when instrument panels to turn green.
  • If the drip is too much, you will not be moved, please attention to the yellow indication on the control panel.
  • Once you learn how to drive safely, it's time to ignore the lights and find instructions tactic led to victories.

Car racing and upgrading

  • Test drive before you buy a car.
  • If you choose more expensive race car, you face opponents stronger both online and offline.
  • Balance income with expenses upgraded for car racing.
  • Adjust the gas (Garage -> Upgrade -> Tune) is costly, but lets users earn more time.

The mode and win:

  • Competed with other new players to earn more money to invest in your race car. 
  • Fight with famous riders and unlock rewards and RP.
  • Fight online and race against other players to earn lots of money / RP. 
  • If you feel your car is not strong enough for the race online, earn extra cash in "Drivers Battle" to upgrade. 
  • To get the highest challenge, try to race with the top players in Pro League.

Now you can Download game Drag Racing APK for Android free (APK + Data):

Download Drag Racing APK free on Google Play

File size: 28 MB
Current Version: 1.6.19
Requirements: Android 1.6 and up


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