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Saturday, February 1, 2014

PES 2014 vs FIFA 14: EA or Konami wins !?

If the choice between PES 2013 Android and FIFA 13 Android is a difficult decision for both the current version, the choice has become easier (freegamesforandroid4u).
There are two major football game on the market today is the PES and FIFA. The vast majority of players will only buy one of these two products. Both were launched in September last several hours by experienced players from fan to non fan, and it's time to look at the problem to find a worthy game for your wallet.
However, first we must recognize two products under the view of the strategic direction.

This is one of the first elements to be addressed , because it determines the style of game development as well as development - oriented promotional products manufacturer. FIFA 14 Android confirmed to seek to become the best game in the FIFA series. Therefore, the first player from the game were aware there will not be too many changes in gameplay or technology improvements. Next generation consoles need a new sports game and EA is apparently sank in an idea to find out how to build their own brand, spend most of their time and money on the PS4 or Xbox One replacement than investing too much for Plate football game.

As for PES 2014 Android, a promising product is completely new, thanks to changes in technology FOX graphics engine from Kojima Productions. In other words, almost PES 2014 is a game created for the purpose of serving the new generation consoles instead of the current device.
Graphics of PES 2014 vs Fifa 14
Graphics of PES 2014 is the expert assessment is pretty detailed and lifelike, but the unpopular gamers.

Sense of sight

FIFA 14 APK: Using old technology graphics should not be too much of a difference compared to the version of FIFA 12 APKFifa 13 APK. Basically, the engine design is quite creaking after years of operation can hardly bring sparkling colors, facial features or details of the brief cutscene subtle.

PES 2014 has been recognized by the world community game, PES 2014 brings a more terrible in environmental design issues and character. Maybe with gamers, the more it is somewhat coarse, ugly, but consideration of factors expertise, image detail not only rose to 1/2. Costumes, crowd, pitch,... everything is almost perfect and true. Of course, we're not talking about the image of the game's installer used crack, a low PC or game discs no copyright,...

An interesting bug in FIFA 14
An interesting bug in FIFA 14.

On the pitch

FIFA 14: Still using the familiar formula, but there seems to have tweaked and improved his manner, making the player on the field has brought more stability and features more realistic. How diverse scoring, ball flight trajectory reasonably quickly perform tasks, skills and move the ball touches the player is more impressive than the old version.

PES 2014: There are problems in the finishing. Images of the game quite smooth, but makes the player feel physically heavy in the collision, turning. Golf balls on the feet slightly separated from the players, leading to two team players have more collisions. During the attack, the game is too slow paced and not suitable for the fast attack or complex.

Feeling goal scored by themselves rather than in FIFA 14
Feeling goal scored by themselves rather than in FIFA 14.

Artificial Intelligence ( AI )

FIFA 14: Continuing what is inherited in FIFA 13, in this year's edition of the competition will not play smarter and did not go stupid. Still, the option to change tactics quickly bring a feeling of EA AI is complementary to add a few key game before release.

PES 2014: This is considered the biggest mistakes of Konami in product development. Player on the field who often wrong line, AI defenders positioning somewhat stupid, the defense in the penalty phase becomes screen comedy of the carpenter guy, the long pass too often marginal... Actually not many people compliment the AI system in this version of PES.

Licenses , copyright

FIFA 14: Like every year, EA had earlier used the right hand image , the brand 's mainstream big leagues including Premier League , helping gamers to easily identify the stars and favorite team. In fact, the number of copyright or license of FIFA 14 is the slightly less every year, but that does not cause much impact on global presence.

PES 2014: Konami had this year in the league right hand the Champions League, in addition to a number of other major leagues in Europe such as Spain and Italy. But in fact, the lack of Premier League and Bundesliga players make many unhappy .

Still, with gamers who played the majority of patches are encoded original team name, things are not too big.
Nevertheless, it is at the international level, the winner is FIFA 14.

The interface of PES 2014 is really annoying for many gamer
The interface of PES 2014 is really annoying for many gamer

Menu Interface

FIFA 14: There was an overhaul of the EA big game and the feedback is extremely positive about them. Not too much trouble or button, everything has been redesigned slightly bring Xbox 360 with simple and beautiful buttons. The transition between these modes, manipulating from overview to details quite easily.

PES 2014: In a question honestly, fans of the PES series has definitely shocked when I first tried to play PES 2014 . The system interface of the game is even worse than the PS2 version. Some players such as menu it 's a JRPG from 1997. Not intuitive, slow, many features and options are important buried deep down. Career mode is certainly a very serious challenge for those who do not like the new interface.

Career Mode

FIFA 14: Game has some slight improvements in communication systems, but generally do not interact much change compared to last year's version. Management regime is quite good, but some parts of the game players need to adjust more.

PES 2014: Despite not want to say but this is a step backwards continue the PES series. Konami did not improve this feature, instead of playing Master League stripped. Many small but interesting details as the press conference was no longer part of this game, besides the console is not intuitive that many gamers to rush out after lost in the maze of discomfort.

FIFA 14 wins thanks to the simple, honest and his stylish.
FIFA 14 wins thanks to the simple, honest and his stylish

Check out an overview of the common elements, we can easily identify who the ultimate winner is FIFA 14. However, this victory, can not help but mention the incredibly enthusiastic collaboration from genuine Konami game. FIFA 14 superior not so much change and dramatic improvement, but the PES 2014 has regressed order to give glory to rivals.

With a graphics engine aging, the gameplay has not mutated but care little about the interface and more attention to the comfort, pleasant to use, FIFA 14 is still the better choice for gamers need a sophisticated sports games, simple and perfect.

PES 2014 strongly marked by New Engine, showing the beauty visually impressive, is back in the race backwards when blinded by their goal to erase boundaries, virtual, ignore weak entertainment factor, attractive and comfort of a game.

Anyway, Konami is still a chance the line upside down, smash the enemy when the current console generation PS4, Xbox One upcoming launch. If as expected for a game developed for the next-gen console, the unearned guilt and old will soon be taken away in the shimmering beauty of a sports game generation, in the near future.


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