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Monday, February 3, 2014

Collection of Android Games for Kids Apk Free Download

You are looking android games for kids, android apps for your children? Today I collected some android games and adroid applications that run on the android mobile or android tablet. The aim of these game is the ability to practice the language, hearing, music perception, recognizable image, includes:

Collection of Android Games for kids:

Android Apps and Games for Kids Free Download
Animal Sounds.apk
Baby Animal Piano.apk
Fish Bowl Photo Gallery Beta.apk
Kid Musical Toys.apk
Kids Musical Balloons Lite.apk
Kids Paint.apk
Kids Piano Lite.apk
Kids Zoo Sounds & Pictures.apk
Kid Touch.apk
NumNum for kids.apk
Touch! 4Kids.apk
Wildlife sounds for kids animals Lite.apk

>> Free download android games for kids with all file of the above list here. 


Other Android games for kids: 

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox v1.1.9 apk

The free android game help children develop thinking thoughts and find information.

Free download Monkey Preschool Lunchbox for android apk file here

Kids Connect the Dots v1.8.5 Android 

Kids Connect the Dots android game is simply to support Android OS 1.6 or higher. Suitable for kids with fun pictures, just connect the points with a quick right order is ok. This android game development creative thinking for children.

Download Kids Connect the Dots here 

PigRush v1.3 Android Game fun for kids

Download PigRush v1.3 for android here

AniWorld Lite kids apk for Android

AniWorld Lite is a great android apps for children aged 1-5. The application supports teach children the names of different animals and knowledge of food and pet them.

Download AniWorld kids animals fun game apk full here.

Pineapple Studio Jigsaw Puzzles apk for Android

This is a puzzle android app for kids aged 2 to 10 is considered quite amazing. Users can choose from a variety of options for your topics, such as Toy Story, Twilight, Cars, Simpsons, ... and all for free.

Download Pineapple Studio Jigsaw Puzzles here.

Istory Books apk for Android

Istory Books is a free application for a replacement book for images and language, istory Books is a simple application but compelling, entertaining for children. With 11 free books are provided and will be updated to add new books every 2 weeks. 

Download Istory Books here.

Ant Smasher

Ant Smasher is a free application for children and adults. In general, the Ant Smasher is really a fascinating application for kids ages 4 and older because it is possible to train these children's reflexes.

Download Ant Smasher Android apk here.

Numbers 0-10

Numbers 0-10 will help the baby feel happy with the numbers thanks to the bright colors, funny characters, funny pictures, ... and learning resources are very attractive for young children ages 2-4.

Download Numbers 0-10 android app here.

Tom and Jerry Cartoon Videos for Android

Tom and Jerry Cartoon Videos is a collection of all the Tom & Jerry cartoon videos with a library more easily accessible. Users can select images and applications will lead to Youtube to watch on your phone or tablet.

Download Tom and Jerry Cartoon Videos apk here

Steamy Window android for kids

Steamy Window app that can help children naughty on-screen Android devices such as a glass plate with wet steam, a very interesting game for kids to relax.


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