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Thursday, February 6, 2014

PES 2014 APK for Android HD free download

PES 2014 APK for Android HD free download
PES 2014 Android (Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 Android) at E3 Expo is the meeting point of the most famous game company in the world and Konami is no exception. And recently, the company has released a new trailer introducing the first images of PES 2014 (see more Fifa 14 Android).

As we all know, PES 2014 is the first part of the popular football game series developed on 2 new next-gen console PS4 and Xbox One, so that through the trailer can also see in PES 2014 APK have differences appear in comparison with the previous version, especially in graphics. The operation, movement of characters appear smoother and faces of the players is increasing more detail.

New PES 2014 Trailer at E3 2013

Nevertheless, because of the game play is not really so much yet to comment on the game play of this new version of PES

PES 2014 APK for Android HD free download 01
 PES 2014 APK for Android HD free download 02
During the launch of PES 2014 Konami earlier, it had special emphasis on soccer games were developed based on the new Engine - FOX Engine. Among them, 6 factors will make a difference in PES 2014:
  • TrueBall Tech: this might be considered the biggest changes in PES 2014 to help gamers can perform more advanced moves more, and you can see this when watching the trailer above, when that the players came out pretty much able to outperform techniques enemy.

PES 2014 APK for Android HD free download

  • MASS (Motion Animation System Stability): much influence as the ability to override the dispute rested ball player. It looks like this will help the ball resting phase which 2 other players to adhere to a very unrealistic way in PES 2013 are removed.
  • PES ID: helping to simulate the movements of the players in PES more like the real-life players (mean many players will be made closer to the habit, PES 2013 game play rather than just focus on 50 players).

PES 2014 APK for Android HD free downloadPES 2014 APK for Android HD free download
  • Team Play: Players can set different strategies for many players.
  • Heart: factors impact player when playing at home or from the audience. For example, when playing at home is going to rock your team better.
PES 2014 APK for Android HD free download
PES 2014 APK for Android HD free download
  • The Core: This also can be considered as one of the biggest changes of PES 2014 ensures the continuity of the game left many cut scenes after the special phase ball. In addition, movement, facial expressions and more realistic player (of course). How to kick also changes ...
PES 2014 is expected to be released on 30/9 on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. PES 2014 for Andoid current not availble, Free apk games will update PES 2014 release date for you later.


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