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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Download Commander Battlefield 4 for Android Full Apk Data Mod

Download Commander Battlefield 4 App for Android Full Apk Data Mod

After so many delays with trailers, and magnificent photographs, EA Games has officially bring game Commander Battlefield 4 Android to players. Whether the huge investment of EA co pays off as being supernatural in 2013 for best shooter?

Download Commander Battlefield 4 for Android Full Apk Data Mod
Battlefield 4 Android
The context of the game Commander Battlefield 4 for Android takes players to the year 2020, when the world situation is extremely unstable: Chang's China general plotting a coup and took power to cause conflicts around the globe, along with help from Russia. Players will play Sergeant Daniel Recker, a member of the task force Tombstone of U.S. Army forces in efforts to bring peace to the world. Along the main character stand is 2 Pac and Irish teammate (more on that later Hanna). 

What's new in game Commander Battlefield 4 Android:

During the campaign portion of the game, players will be involved in many different battlefields with all sorts of terrain from the scene in Shanghai city, ocean vast South China Sea on the sea, or the majestic mountain views , snow falling on Mount Kunlun.

Battlefield Commander Android Full Apk Data Mod free download

A new feature in the game is that each weapon and means of investment rather thoroughly to shape parameters, requiring the player must use a certain process can competently and unleash powerful of them. The number of weapons and tools in Battlefield 4 Commander Android is also added quite a lot, in addition to the weapons have appeared in previous versions, players used weapons, including new weaponry on land, air and on the sea. Commander Battlefield 4 also adds a new faction China (depending on the map) with its own costumes for the play options, along with a lot of rewards, accessories, dog tag, badge making enough for gamers consuming a large amount of time to explore all possible.

Commander Battlefield 4 Android free download
Weapons and tools in Battlefield 4 Commander

Battlefield Commander Mode
Battlefield Commander Mode

One other highlight of the game was EA and DICE broadcast throughout time that Battlefield Commander Mode mode, this mode actually first appeared in BF until version 2 but this time it was improved and brought new return series. Commander was able to observe all things battlefield through satellite imagery, commander of the function is to support the team through the use of markers or special abilities as ammunition support, release name Tomahawk fire or even call a Gunship to support the team. An interesting point is that Commander Mode that can be played on the tablet (EA currently only supports iOS and Android).

Battlefield Commander App Android free download
Battlefield Commander App Android
 To express a fierce battlefields in Battlefield 4 Android (BF4 Android), EA and DICE has invested extensively on the picture side. Besides its excellent physical system is mentioned, each lighting effects, great quality surface coatings, run it ... are built is really fantastic. Every move of characters in game are very precise and skillfully as true, whereas a cool sequence but also full of a tragic war has no end. Additionally, the fill factor photos provided stepped up, making them much smarter idea while you're enjoying a blockbuster! All seemed dubbing is stitched with outstanding performance and background music compiled elaborate.

With the emergence of intelligent, Commander Battlefield 4 has become one of the strong candidate for the title of best Shooter Game for Android of 2014. See more other popular shooter game as Modern Combat 4 Android.

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Download Commander Battlefield 4 for Android free

Download Commander Battlefield 4 from Google Play
Current version: v1.1.3
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up
Genre: Action Game
Size: 701 MB


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