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Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Simpssons Tapped Out Mod Apk v.4.3.0 Unlimited Everything

Download games The Simpssons Tapped Out Mod Apk for android. New update with version 4.3.0 Unlimited Everything

Hack Description:
Unlimited money and donuts
Added Lamp Post original purchase back to the menu.

Squidport entry
1 Free Tile instant Boardwalk
5 Free Instant Tiles Boardwalk
10 Free Instant Boardwalk Tile
25 free instant Boardwalk Tile
Cletus Farm has 3 new crops:
$ 100,000
10000 XP
500 Donuts
-This is the exact order of the items are in Old menu items:
    Laramie Vending Machine
    Devil Donuts Cart
    Excellence Prize Statue
    Inflatable Gorilla And Baboons
    MHV Frinkosonic
    Giant Grasshopper
    Duff Party Bus
    Frinks Robot Dog
    Barney Duff Blimp
    Santas Village
    Holiday Tree
    Mapple Store
    Simpson Decorated Home
    Decorated Brown House
    Flanders Decorated Home
    Decorated Cletus Farm
    Decorated Purple House
    Decorated Blue House
    Decorated Van Houten Home
    Decorated Pink House
    Decorated White House
    Decorated Willies Shack
    Orange Decorated House
    Muntz Decorated House
    Krabappel Decorated Apartment
    Decorated Frinks Lab
    Decorated Volcano Lair
    Mr Plow
    Homer Snowman
    Lisa Snowman
    Bart Snowman
    Marge Snowman
    Maggie Snowman
    Mayan Homer
    Whole Mayan Calendar
    Black Hole
    Springfield Cemetery
    Pet Cemetery
    Super Collider
    House Of Evil
    Bad Dream House
    Heck House
    Spooky Tree
    Pumpkin Patch
    Jack O Lantern
    Dead Tree
    Ray Gun
    Crashed UFO
    The Raven
    Talking Krusty Doll
    Burns Monster
    Devil Flanders
    Cool Homer
    Cool Brown House
    Pet Snake
    Bare Chested
    Fort Sensible
    Springfield Coliseum
    Duff Stadium
    Sleep-Eazy Motel
    Lugashs Gym
    Swanky Fish
    Giving Thanks Itchy Balloon
    Giving Thanks Balloon Scratchy
    Giving Thanks Blinky Balloon
    Giving Thanks Balloon Snowball 2
    Thanks Giving Santas Little Balloon
    Duff Beer Car
    Shamrock Topiary
    O'Flanagans Pub
    Wishing Well
    Cool Brown House
    Wind Sock
    Whacking Stick Stall
    Whacking Mugs Stalls
    Whacking T-Shirt Stall
    Whacking Day Banner
    Snake Statue
    Balance Beam
    Homer Ninja Snake Practice
    Practice Green Snake
    Purple Snake Practice
    Practice Red Snake
    Practice Yellow Snake
    Snake Speakers
    Snake Rocks
    Snake Stump
    Snake Hollow Trunk
    Gorgeous Grampa
    Grampa Gorgeous Billboard
    Fruit Bat Man
    Fruit Bat Signal
    Phineas Q Butterfats
    Howards Flowers
    Sir Putt-A-Lot's
    Rose Bush
    Valentines Tree
    Love Planter
    Rose Arch
    Valentines Pond
    Cherub Topiary
    Cozy Hammock
    I Choo Choo Choose You Train
    Springfield Falls
    Jebediah Statue
    Lemon Tree

Version: 4.3.0
Required android: 2.3 and up


  • Download all files below
  • Inside zip you will found 2 apk, namely Apk V.0 and V.1
  • Install apk V.0 first
  • Launch the game and download data by yourself
  • After complete, install apk V.1 and Let it fully update with data.
  • Enjoy your game

Download Direct Link
For Data: Please Download by yourself

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